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Search engine optomizing arabic
SEO in Arabic


What is SEO:

Search Engine optimizing is a term used to describe techniques that improves website's ranking on search engines, the core idea of SEO is to bring about  search results through applying relevant keywords on the search engine.

SEO Arabic:

The Arabic content that exists online does not exceed the 1% of all the internet content, however this number is expected to rapidly increase in the upcoming years, the Arabic speaking world is a major market, it is consisted from 280 million people and covering 23 countries, and approximately 65% p of the Arabic internet users do not read English. The potential in this market is massive, therefore companies seeking to expand their services in the Arab would should consider saturating this growing market, right when it is the time.

Our SEO service can help your business get into this massive market.

We  guarantee your business a major leap in terms of internet marketing, our commitment to our clients is the most important element of our service, and our success is dependant on our clients satisfaction.

We work both "on page" and "off page" factors, this combination is a our strategy to every SEO campaign, an it is guaranteed to bring about good results

Our SEO services:

Existing website SEO:  we analyze your website in order to understand where your website is ranking and what are the barriers that keep it from improving.

New website: We make sure to work closely hand by hand with your web developer to ensure that the website is totally "search engine friendly".

Keyword research: keyword search is a crucial element in SEO, proper keyword research  could properly prepare your website for your targeted keywords related in your field, this keyword research also tells the search engine on what your website is based on. also relevant content is key for search engine ranking.

We optimize your keyword structure, title, description and meta tags  as well as other HTML codes  so your website would be efficient and search engine friendly. Properly formatted keywords and proper organization of links and web structure aides to rank high on search engines.

Application to relevant search engines:

We submit your website to relevant search engines in the Arabic world or globally.  


SEO procedure:

Phase one:
Research and Analysis:
report on your site's current status and the future potential, use of domain names, analyze the code of your website, evaluation keywords in the website, creating meta tags and titles, content optomizing , and finally a SEO strategy plan for your website and expected outcomes

Phase two:
Maintainning, promotion and follow up
Maintaining the site and promotion through building links internal and external, monthly ranking results, submission of directory to search engines and finally a progress report with recommendation and analysis of the monthly activity

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