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What is social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is  a form of online marketing that utilizes social networks in order to increase brand awareness or achieve other marketing objectives.

leading social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, are used by businesses to gain popularity and awareness over the internet users, the social media marketing is very effective because the leads and traffic generated from such media are often directed from social network user's recommendations.

Social marketing can draw highly targeted segment of internet users, by using the different tools available in social networks and searching for the specific targeted audience.

Building links into these social network websites are very crucial for SEO As well, search engines tent to  trust website that receive links coming out from respectful social media websites.

Social Media Marketing procedure:

Phase one:

Researching relevant social network that suits your business

Establish accounts and pages fro your business in those social media network

Spread around the services through these pages are recruit many followers in the page.

Phase two:

Creating on going content and up to date feeds for the members and the followers of the page

Maintain the page with uploading constant pictures, articles, and notes.


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Social Media Marketing Arabic
Social media marketing in  arabic