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Search engine ranking in the United States

Search Engine Optimizing explanation:

Why optimize your website?  Why is it important to rank high on search engines?

In today's reality, people tend to use the internet to search for services products, these searches are done on search engines, however every time we search for a specific service or product we get hundreds or even thousands of results, we certainly don't browse through all the results, usually the  websites  in the top ten results have a much traffic directed to them from the search engine, usually the traffic directed to those websites  from the search engine is a quality traffic because people were looking for specific service or product. this is when search engine optimizing comes into play.

According to statistics: 87% of web visits come via search engines, this number is tremendous if you think about conversion rate and the quality of the traffic or leads.

There are many search engines out there, many of them are specifically directed towards certain fields or industries, however most of the searches happen on few major search engines: the image below indicate popular search engines in the United States:


How to Rank high on Search Engines?

For every search engine there is its specific algorithm that no one knows, however through research, experience and trail and error our SEO team managed to understand the driving indicators that allows the search engine to position websites among the top ten results. This commitment requires hours and hours of work and commitment, and it requires an on going and long maintaining process so to ensure your websites  position among the first results